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Thank you!

Thank you to those who contributed their time, expertise, and funds to make the 2022 Juneteenth Commemoration event possible:

Marina Abbott

Acacia House

Joanna Allen and Ted Koffman

Judith Allen

Michael Alpert

Bangor Savings Bank, Ellsworth Branch

Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop

Carole R. Beal

Ronald Beard

Rob Benson

William "Mac" Bigelow

Alice Blackman

Susan Buell

The Buell Family

Sandra Butler

Alyne Cistone

Cleary Law

Michael Corlew

Theresa Daniels-Hemphill

Jackie Lee Davidson

Kareem Dieng

Cas Dowden

Downeast Salmon Federation

Doug Dunbar

The Family Learning Company

Becka Gagne

Galyn's Bar Harbor

Janine Georgette

The Greater Bangor Area Branch NAACP

Chrissy Hemphill

James Hemphill, Jr

Ann Hartman

Kristen Holley

Suzanne Jean

Diane Kay-Daigle

Shemaya Laurel

Deb Leon

Ann Luther and Alan Vlach

Laura MacDonald

Michelle Merica

Lew and Eleanor Miller

Hannah Mondrach

Linda Mosley

Jacques H. Newell Taylor

Orono Pride

Dr. Jackie Peoples

Lewis Redding

Ashley Bryan Center

Barbara Reeve

Stephen Sampson

Mary Schuch

Taste Jamaica

Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor Social Justice Committee

Lauren Valle

Jim and Eliza Vallette

Mary and Jim Vekasi

Sandra Ward

Sandy Wilcox and Jack Russell

Vanessa Williams

Dennis Wint and Debra Bjornard

Emily Wright and Luke Abell


And multiple donors who wish to remain anonymous.


We also wish to thank the dedicated staff in our partner organizations, who have done so much to make this 2022 Juneteenth Commemoration possible:

Healthy Acadia

Zach Aiken

Tracey Carlson

Elsie Flemings

Katie Freedman

Shoshona Smith

Mano en Mano:

Sean Douglas

Dayana Ortiz Garcia

Deysi Garcia

Thania Hernandez

Emma McDowell

Cynthia Simpson

Laura Thomas, Director of Access & Advocacy

Juana Vazquez, Executive Director of Mano en Mano

Rodrigo Zamora

WERU Community Radio 89.9 FM:

Joel Mann

Matt Murphy


Jackie Davidson


We apologize if any errors or omissions have been made in this 2022 Ellsworth Juneteenth Commemoration supporters acknowledgement list, which is comprehensive to the best of our knowledge as of July 21, 2022, including names of donors of financial gifts both pledged and received by this date, and names of donors of time and expertise. Please contact Shoshona Smith at or (207) 667-7171 Ext. 210 with any corrections.

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